Friday, June 23

Top 2015 Dishwasher Reviews

There are many factors you need to take into account before buying a dishwasher. Some models have multiple options and facilities while others are more simple. The best dishwasher is, primarily, Energy Star compliant, which will bring financial benefits and protect the environment. Additional to the Energy Star standard, many dishwashers have other features that help them be efficient practical, easy to use, and helpful when you have a lot of chores on your hands. Based on the reviews posted on, here are some of the top 2015 dishwashers you can choose for your kitchen.

Beko DFN6833

With the help of its 8 programs, the Beko DFN 6833 dishwasher is easily suitable for every lifestyle and many family members. Its sleek design and small LCD display that shows you the progress of the washing cycle, the remaining time and the temperature are a perfect match for any kitchen. This dishwasher also allows you to plan the starting moment of the washing cycle at a future time with predefined delay up to 24 hours thanks to the Delay Start feature. The spacious interior of the Beko dishwasher is designed in such way to offer maximum flexibility in placing the shelves to fit all your dishes and cutlery. The Half Load feature allows the washing program to start even if you have inserted a small amount of dishes. If you are in a hurry, you can select the Quick & Clean program, or if you want that the dishes to be perfectly clean, the Extra Hygiene program is the best choice. Specially designed for enhanced hygiene, this program destroys 99.99% of the bacteria and microorganisms existing on your dishes. For washing delicate glasses and China at the same time with dirty dishes, you can enable the Active Wash program.

Electrolux Real Life ESF4700ROW

The modern interior of the Real Life dishwasher is designed to offer you the flexibility you need in placing your dishes, therefore, you will be able to insert any type of glasses, plates and pans without fearing they will not fit. To ensure water penetration in difficult places, the Real Life cleaning system fitted to the dishwasher features a single FlexiSpray arm and double rotation with TopShower jets and the Aquasave function minimizes the water consumption. Besides the Delay Start option, the Electrolux dishwasher also has a Time Saver feature which reduces the amount of time used for a washing cycle, while the Auto Flex option automatically calculates the amount of water and energy the dishwasher needs to complete a certain program. This dishwasher is revolutionary in terms of energy efficiency thanks to the AutoOff feature. After a short period of standby, the appliance will completely stop and, as a result, it will not consume energy until the next wash. For the first time, “off” really means “off”