Thursday, July 20

The Benefits of Radiant Heat

Electric radiant heaters offer a series of worth mentioning advantages over other heating solutions that generally use convection and conduction to achieve their purpose. Infrared heaters have gained a great popularity in the past few years thanks to their benefits the most notable one being the fact that they warm surfaces without needing direct contact for the energy transfer to be possible. You can find out more about this type of heaters from specialized websites such, as this article intends to cover only some of the benefits radiant heating offers.

Impressive efficiency

Infrared heaters do not heat the air surrounding it, transferring the energy directly to the objects towards which the heat is directed by its reflectors. This means that radiant heat can be quite efficient. The electromagnetic waves generated by infrared heaters are intercepted by the target product and converted into heat instantly. Another reason why radiant heat is more efficient than conventional heating techniques is the fact that radiated energy is malleable in the same manner as it is light. In other words, you can concentrate it, direct and reflect it, not to mention focus it in one point of interest. This flexibility helps reduce the energy loss and ultimately increase its efficiency.

Quick response

When it comes to infrared heaters, there is no need for time consuming preheat cycles. This means that you can switch them off and on again to save up energy, as it only takes a couple of minutes for them to reach the right temperature to operate. This means that radiant heaters are three times faster top heat than conventional heaters. More than that, infrared heaters warm up the targeted objects directly without heating the surrounding air. The lack of an intervening medium allows the heaters to be faster and more efficient than other types of heaters such as convection heaters that warm the air surrounding the object in order to heat it.

Low costs

The installation and manufacturing costs for infrared heaters are relatively low. This is due to the simplicity of the system and the low cost materials. Of course, industrial infrared heaters that use gold reflectors would reach higher costs, but generally radiant heaters are an affordable solution. An infrared patio heater can also heat through the use of gas or electricity; depending on where you live and the costs in your area, you can choose between these two types of heating processes, both of which are extremely fast and efficient, and end up with a product that doesn’t consume much, or might even help you reduce overall heating costs.

Precise control

Electric infrared heaters also offer the advantage of control accuracy. In other words, one can control a radiant heater to heat surfaces and objects uniformly. You can even tailor the distribution of power density to your needs. Generally, industrial heaters also use infrared sensors that can measure the temperature of the object being warmed to control the temperature of the heater, if needed.

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