Thursday, July 20

Retro Coffee Makers for Decor-Conscious Kitchens

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking, eating, or just socializing; not everyone’s homes have a dining room, so the eating is still done in this way. Thus, whether it’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, or just a snack, the kitchen is an important room; moreover, it poses the difficult task of making it utilitarian and practical, but comfortable and welcoming as well. In that respect, it is the appliances which most often ruin the decor of a kitchen, because they don’t match each other or the furniture, occupy a lot of space and look unnatural.

Yet we are here to tell you there are solutions around this problem; when you look at an appliance, although all you may see are buttons, screens and handles, there is something else involved: industrial design. Unlike normal design, industrial design looks both to aesthetics and practicality, but in most instances, the latter is dominant. In what follows we are going to prove that appliances can be beautiful as well, and may even serve decorative purposes and become focal points in a kitchen. The best example we can take is the coffee maker, an appliance found in most kitchens, and which in its normal state looks boring, even annoying.

Realizing full well that there are people who want their kitchens to be just as beautiful as the rest of the house, industrial designers tried to create appliances (such as the coffee maker) that would heed to aestheticism as much as they did to usefulness. One of the trends present is the retro coffee maker, surprisingly found for all, or most types of coffee makers: espresso machines, drip coffee makers or percolators. In order to exemplify this, we’ve chosen models for each kind, so you can get an idea of how they look.

Some of the brands which manufacture retro coffee makers and retro appliances in general are Smeg, Brewing Penncrest, WestBend, the Italian brand Perla Express, Ariete, Ascaso (which have great colors and are handmade in Spain), Reymond from Canada, renowned brands like DeLonghi and Kenwood, Lavazza. And if you’re feeling melancholy for imperial times, Elektra offers  highly luxurious and samovar-type coffee makers, or the percolator-type coffee makers from Belgium Royal, that you can see in the second picture, and which is definitely a decorative object as much as it is a coffee brewer.

Thus, if you’re passionate about your coffee and about savoring it in your kitchen, check out the models on any of these brands. The quality is ensured in all of them, but their special designs and powerful colors make them a tad more expensive than regular ones.