Friday, June 23

Make Edible Christmas Tree Ornaments This Year!

Are you tired of having to buy new Christmas tree ornaments every year just because you want to bring something a bit different and special with each new holiday season? If you are looking for some green home design ideas, then why not try edible ornaments! This not only reduces your costs for ornaments, but actually allows you to reuse older ones in combination with the ones you’re going to bake this year. Furthermore, these tasty home decor craft ideas can also be a great way of spending time with your children. We are certain that any child, boy or girl, will be delighted to participate in such a tasty craft project. Being creative with your Christmas tree is one of the funnest activities we do each year, and since we do it every year, we might at least do something new now and then.

First of all, let’s be clear that not all edible ornaments have to be fit for hanging in the Christmas tree; you can also bake or cook ornaments like gingerbread houses (a classic!), or smaller Christmas trees made from marzipan or sweetbread, Christmas-themed cupcakes that can be neatly placed on a cupcake tree above the fireplace or in an often populated area, so people can pick up something sweet now and then.

Ornate, Decorate, Ate

It is actually a quite common affair to decorate the tree with edible ornaments, but we usually do it with popcorn strings and special candy. This year you can take it to the next level, and impress your family, kids and friends with a Christmas tree that is full of surprises above and under. The simplest (and perhaps cutest) way to decorate your tree with edibles is by making your own dried apple slices; you can find several recipes on the internet, and when they’re done, you simply use the hole in the middle to tie them to the tree with strings or ribbons. If you want them to look fancier, add vanilla sticks or anise stars.

Make your own Christmas baubles from cereal balls which you can decorate with other types of dried fruit, like cranberries. You can “glue” them together with homemade caramel and ornate them with M&Ms or Skittles. Gingerbread and marzipan cookies are a must for every Christmas; but this year, instead of simply laying them on a tray, bake them with holes in the batter, so when you take them out, you can tie them to a ribbon and then up in the Christmas tree. You can use all sorts of natural food coloring, fondants and marzipan to decorate little gingerbread men, trees, snowmen, and other favorite winter symbols. Baking cookies and decorating them may not count as green home design ideas to many people, but these yummy Christmas don’t need much to be made and won’t create any waste as you will eat them instead of throwing them away when you are bored of them.

You can use real baker tricks to make your ornaments more realistic and appealing; for instance, you can melt glass candies and pour them in shapes over your own cookies, thus giving your “house” real windows, or create Christmas tree jewelry with real gems on the surface. Make use of frosting in different colors and use red and white peppermint candies to decorate. Another option are dried citrus slices, which look very cute, even though they may not taste as great. These are just a few starting ideas that can help you get creative with your winter holidays and make a really memorable Christmas for your family.