Friday, June 23

How to Pick the Right Lawn Mower for Your Yard

For those who are lucky enough to own a garden, lawn maintenance is a must if we want to enjoy a flawless green space. However, this necessary transition may well become a pleasure as a nightmare, this depending on the device you are using. It is therefore very important to choose your equipment after careful consideration, by paying attention to different aspects: the characteristics of your garden (slope, size, etc.), the features and functionality you expect from your future mower ( blade width, autonomy, power etc.) not to mention the possible compatible accessories. In order to give you all the information to make the purchase of perfect lawn mower, we offer this complete shopping guide, designed to help you with your future acquisition.

Mowing your lawn the right way

Before buying a lawnmower, you should first determine the area that you own because not all the models are same, it all comes down to the size of your garden. If you own a surface area of less than 500m², it is advisable to opt for an electric lawnmower. If you have a larger area, your choice you can opt for a gas-powered lawnmower, either towed or pushed. We find that 4-stroke lawnmower models gas-powered are rather recommended for slopes. However, these devices are also noisier. If you have a very large area, then you have to think about acquiring a riding mower to avoid too big efforts when mowing your lawn.

How to pick the best lawn mower for your yard

On the market, there are available six different types of lawn mower to match all the needs that customers may face. We can distinguish the electric mower, cordless mower, gas-powered mower, riding mower, zero turns mowers and reel mowers.

  • Electric mowers: Between all these types of lawn mowers, the electric mower is the easiest to handle. Low noise, high performance, ideal for city dwellers with a garden.
  • Cordless mowers: In addition to its traditional electric version, the electric lawn mower is also available as a cordless version. Along with the traditional electric mower, this cordless device makes little noise when in use and offers a good quality mowing work.
  • Gas lawn mowers: Synonymous to performance, gas-powered mower is distinguished by its power and efficiency. For a surface of 1000 m², a gas powered mower is definitely a btetter choice. It offers easy operation, allowing to sneak through the trees in your garden and other obstacles.
  • Reel lawn mowers: You have a small garden and as such, you are looking for a mower perfectly suited to a need for this type of lawn? The reel lawn mower is perfect for a smaller surface. Easy to use, light and quiet, this type of lawn mower is a great alternative to electric and gas-powered mowers.
  • Riding lawn mower: The riding lawn mower comes with a seat and a steering wheel, thereby offering a more comfortable use. It’s ideal to mow the grass from a large area.
  • Zero turn mowers: These mowers are designed for residential areas to commercial ares because they cover a lot of ground quickly.

Compare and contrast

Once you have decided on a particular type of lawn mower, you will have to compare similar models. For that purpose, you will find online reviews to be very helpful. You can read customer reviews on Amazon, but we also advise you to read some professional reviews. You can find the best professional reviews on These types of reviews are very useful because they are objective, unlike customer reviews which are subjective and can be misleading if the customers don’t know how to properly use the mowers. Moreover, professional reviews can help you better understand the features of these tools and they can indicate similar products with better prices.