Friday, June 23

How to Cool Your House in the Summer

Everybody hates feeling sweaty and hot during the summer and although you may be more into heat than into cold, you look for solutions that will help you feel more comfortable. Taking a cold shower or jumping into the pool are temporarily solutions that will only make you feel cool for a short time before starting to feel the hot temperatures inside your home. Therefore, these house cooling methods will be more efficient and will help you fight the heat more efficiently.

Use a tower fan

Among all the cooling devices, tower fans seem to be the most popular due to their compact shape that makes them suitable for any room size and the smart design that ensures optimal air circulation. The tower fan circulates air on a wide area and manages to cool the air faster and more efficient than other types of fans. With an oscillating feature, the air circulation is maximized and the effects are more impressive. You can find a lot of great oscillating tower fans, reviewed in depth on the site.

Insulate the house

A proper insulation can mean less heat coming into the house during the summer, as well as it means less heat going out during the winter. Although home insulation can be expensive, it will pay off fast in lower energy bills. The windows also reflect heat and let the sun rays get inside the house and heat the air, so make sure you cover them with curtains and blinds. If you live in a sunny area where temperatures can be unbearable, even the color of your roofing can influence heat absorption, so make sure you choose a light colored roof.

Reduce the air humidity

A high level of air moisture can increase the level of discomfort created by heat, so a great way of cooling your home would be lowering the humidity in the air. A dehumidifier is the best way to do it because it can handle high levels of air humidity without a problem and it can restore your comfort. This device absorbs the water particles in the air and retains them inside its container so that you will breathe a dryer air that will feel cooler.

Don’t let hot air get inside the house

Keep the house closed tight during the day and only open the windows early in the morning or late at night when the air outside is not so hot. Although you may think that by opening two windows you will create air currents that will cool the air in your house, what you will be doing is let the hot air from outside get into your house.