Thursday, July 20

How to Choose a Water Filter System for the Kitchen

Water is undoubtedly the most important element we need to survive, and yet there are still parts of the world’s population without access to clean, drinking water. While this is a major problem we could alleviate if all of us just gave a little, water can be unsafe in developed parts of the world as well. Those with access to water inside the home know that the providers filter it somehow, so in theory it is suitable for consumption and cooking; and while this may be true for some of them, in certain parts you would still need further filtering, to make sure all contaminants are eliminated. That is why today we are going to talk about water filter systems, especially ones that would be ideal for the kitchen faucet.

In case you’re not that familiar with the concept of water filter systems, you should know that there are numerous types, but they can be divided into three major categories: under-the-sink filters (filtering the water as it passes through the pipe and into your glass), faucet filters (which are attached directly to the faucet and filter the water as it comes out), and portable filters, like those offered to people in under-developed countries, so they can use them on any source of water available, be it a faucet, fountain, pond or even puddle. We are going to focus on the second type of water filters, because they seem to be the most appropriate for the kitchen. These home water filters do cater to most needs and to average contamination problems; thus, it is your responsibility to find out what is exactly wrong with your water so you know what measures to take.

However, if you are interested in a whole house water filter system, know that it comes a bit more expensive and requires professional installation on the water pipe; thus, it is more suitable for areas where the water is very contaminated, or may present smell and color. And even then, you have to make sure you purchase the best whole house water filter system, otherwise your investment stands for nothing. If your filtering needs are average, a faucet water filter system should be enough, because it will just provide you with good water for drinking, cooking and watering plants. Thus, one of the best filters of this kind is the Aquasana AQ-4000W, that you can see in the first photo. It is ideal for home use because it eliminates chlorine, rust, particulate matter, mercury, lead, VOCs and other contaminants in almost 100%. It is easy to install and change filters on, and in some cases is cheaper than a pitcher filter. Thus, we recommend other products from Aquasana as well, so don’t hesitate to browse some reviews.

Another faucet water filter system you might consider for the kitchen is the Culligan FM-15A, seen in the second photo; it is more appealing because it has a smaller size, its cartridges last about 2 months, and besides eliminating the contaminants mentioned above, it also stops giardia, cysts and cryptosporidium from reaching your water. These are just two of the models that we consider ideal for kitchen use, because they don’t encumber your activities and come with very powerful filters; however,you might also be interested in brands like Brita, PUR, InstaPure, Purenex or Watts.