Thursday, July 20

How to Adapt a House for a Disabled or an Elderly Person

When people get old there are many types of health conditions that may eventually arise. At some point in your life one or both of your parents may need special care. It’s very difficult to take care of them from the distance and it would be easier for everyone if you tried to make them move into your house! There are some steps for assuring they will have a pleasant staying with you and your family. You must be willing to adapt your house a little bit in order to decrease the potential risk of hurting themselves.

Stairs Safety

If you live in big house then you will probably need to do some adjustments for your stairs. In order to raise their safety level you will need to reinforce the handrails. If you can afford it, it’s better to have handrails on the both sides of the stairs. Mounting a stair lift will make everyone’s life a lot happier. If you don’t know which model to choose, read some stair lift reviews. You can find the best reviews on You should also try to increase the lighting level on the stairs. You should mount two switchers – one upstairs and one downstairs, this way you will make sure that whoever climbs or descends the stairs will see the stairs properly. It would be a great idea if you removed any rugs from the top or the bottom of the stairs. If you come to think about it you could reduce this risk to almost zero by arranging the room for your guests downstairs.

Bathroom Safety

There are several ways to make sure you increase the bathroom safety in your house. The bathroom is the most dangerous room for a person who has walking difficulties since everything tends to be slippery around here. Make sure that all the bathroom mats have no-slip rubber padding. You can even put these kind of mats inside your shower or bathtub. Speaking of shower, a little bench in the shower or bathtub would be very useful. If you think that walking around the house with the flashlight it’s too unfashionable for you, you should take into consideration mounting some nightlights on the hallways that will show you the path from the bedroom to the bathroom during the entire night. The most important items for the bathroom safety are the grab-bars that are to be installed by the toilet and in the shower or bathtub.

Living Room Safety

Some pieces of advice to increase the living room safety would be to make sure that you keep the things around here in order. It would be very troublesome for a person who has walking difficulties to avoid any obstacles that he or she may encounter in the way.

Kitchen Safety

The last but not the least is the kitchen safety. Having a person at home all the time may be a very good thing – it can cook for you! At least it can watch the food not to get burnt! Try to keep all the useful everyday appliances on the counter and arrange the cupboards so that everyone has easy access to them without difficulty.

General tips

If your elderly family member uses a mobility aid, such as a scooter, it is advised to eliminate all carpets from the house. Moreover, you should clear some pathways so that the scooter can also be used indoors. If the house is small, choose a compact scooter. On, you will find reviews of many great compact mobility scooters.

As you can see for yourself, there are a lot of solutions for improving the homes of the seniors. Nowadays, there are inovations in all aspects of our life and keeping in touch with these innovations can only make our lives better. If you want to be informed about the latest lifestyle hacks, home improvements and innovative devices, visit the website, where you will find informative articles, featuring numerous useful tips and tricks.