Friday, June 23

Home Sauna Maintenance Tips

Saunas are extremely easy to use, especially considering the fact that many models come with useful control panels and user manuals to help you use the sauna or install it in your house in an efficient manner. There are many types of home saunas. From small to big saunas, indoor or outdoor saunas, steam rooms or infrared saunas, there is a type of sauna for any home. You can discover the best types of home saunas on the If you don’t have a home sauna yet, read the reviews featured on that website, and choose a quality sauna. In case you do have a sauna, there are a few things that you should know about its maintenance.

When it comes to the sauna maintenance, you need to be very careful when handling the wood components or the sauna heater because they require the most maintenance work. To help you maintain your home sauna, we’ve put together a small guide. Here’s what you need to know.

Avoid causing discoloration to the wood

Before you get ready for a sauna session, it’s essential to take a shower or wash your feet because your feet can bring in all sorts of soil and debris that can make the floors dirty. Furthermore, the debris left can damage the floors as well as the benches. Even though sweating is something you can not avoid when you’re enjoying your sauna experience, it can actually cause discoloration to the wood benches and backrest so it would be advisable to place towels over the benches or at least wrap your body around a tower so that your skin doesn’t come in contact with the benches.

Sanding is crucial when maintaining the wood

When it comes to maintaining the wood in your sauna, you need to avoid using wood protectant or sealant inside the sauna because there’s a risk of inhaling the harmful chemicals released during the sauna session. Your wood benches and backrest may however need a light sanding in order to bring back the wood’s original appearance. Sanding is also necessary when having to deal with bumps or scratches, which happens overtime and with use.

Adjusting the sauna doors and vents

Sauna doors and vents are all moving components inside a sauna that need to be adjusted from time to time. For instance, you might have to deal with a situation where the door can not close or open properly, so you will have to replace the screws or remove the door and do some sanding or planning in order to remove extra material that may prevent the door from closing or opening properly. As for the vents inside the sauna, they also need proper maintenance work. Sanding the corners or edges of the vents will allow them to function properly.

Taking care of the sauna heater

The best part of having an electric sauna heater is that it basically requires no maintenance. When installing or replacing sauna rocks after some time, make sure to remove small particles by rinsing them under water and only then you can place them around the heating elements. If you have a wood burning sauna stove, make sure to clean the chimney pipe to avoid creating a fire hazard.