Thursday, July 20

French Door Refrigerator Reviews 2015

In any kitchen, the refrigerator has an important part and it should combine both design and functionality in order to be an efficient and esthetic appliance. Given that the refrigerator serves an important purpose in storing your food and keeping it fresh, you must make sure you own a good model, which can be difficult, with all the models available nowadays. Therefore, here our top french door refrigerator reviews 2015. We are certain that at least one of these three models will appeal to you.


This spacious state-of-the-art french door refrigerator has enough space to store 28 cu. ft. of groceries inside smartly divided shelves and compartments that feature a Smart Divider, which is a flexible middle drawer with temperature adjustment depending on your needs. The counter-height design makes is accessible everyone in the family, including the kids, who will not need assistance in order to pick up their snack. The Samsung RF28HMEDBBC features spill-proof shelves and a Twin Cooling Plus technology that helps the air to circulate individually withing the fridge and the freezer, in order to maintain optical humidity and to prevent odor transfer between compartments. The air inside the freezer stays dryer while the air inside the refrigerator stays humid enough to maintain fresh even the easily perishable fruits and vegetables. This model includes a space-saving ice maker that provides 10 lbs. Of ice daily, an external Ice Blue digital display for easy control settings, a tall water dispenser perfect for pitchers and tall glasses, an elegant LED interior lighting and Flex Zone drawers for superior storage adjustment.


The 800 Series Bosch refrigerator features a clean exterior design that perfectly fits any counter in any kitchen, as well as a smartly divided interior for efficient food storage with a deli drawer, crisper drawer and bottle shelves. The spill-proof shelves are great in case of accidental spills, the electronic controls and sensors offer an easy temperature and humidity adjustment, the freezer comes with 3 level drawers for a clean and organized freezer, and the automatic ice maker provides with ice made of filtered water.


Storing your food in this refrigerator is very easy thanks to the six door bins and four sliding glass shelves. Th counter-depth design helps you save space in your kitchen, and the 22 cu. ft. fairly split between the fridge and the freezer offer you flexibility. This model features many of the high-tech options you want to have in your refrigerator, namely a child lock, sensor select controls, door and temperature alert, spill-proof shelves and water dispenser with water filter.