Friday, June 23

Creative Halloween Party Decorations

Halloween is our favorite time of the year, when we invite all our friends around and throw awesome themed parties. We love Halloween so much, that we already started planning it, despite the fact that there are still a couple of months left until it starts. We already found some amazing costumes on and now we are moving on to the decorations. There’s just something fun about decorating your house with scary things. If you take a walk through a home and garden store a few weeks before Halloween, you will find a lot of scary decorations. Nevertheless, you don’t necessarily have to spend money on Halloween decorations as there are plenty of homemade DIY decorations that you can make. Discover how to transform your house into a haunted place with the help of these 5 simple ideas.

Window silhouettes

The Halloween decorations that you are likely to find into a home and garden store are very sophisticated and look quite authentic. Nevertheless, you can give your home a spooky vibe with a few simple details. During Halloween, most people prefer decorating their windows with all sorts of creepy images or drawings. Window silhouettes can be purchased from any party stores that are available in your town or you can order them online. However, if you want to stand out from the rest, make your own Halloween window decor. Cut a variety of shapes and figures out of black cardboard or paper and use some double-sided tape to attach them on the windows.

Glowing eyes

Here’s another fun and cheap way to scare your guests. You just need two main things: toilet paper rolls and glow stick for each toilet roll (you can use as many as you choose). Use a cutter to make the shape of the eyes and place a glowing stick inside the paper roll. You can get more creative with the shape of the eyes. Moreover, besides using glow sticks you can use some glow-in-the-dark markers/paint to draw the eyes. After you’ve finished your DIY project, hide them around the house or outside the house, in the front garden.

Glass jar lights

As most parties take place at night, this next project is very effective. Candles can be used for other festive occasions, not just for Christmas. They can change the ambiance in the room and make it more pleasant or spookier if you know how. You’ll need a few empty jars and some paint or colored markers. Round up the jars and place a candle in each of them. Then, get a bit creative and paint the jars orange, green or yellow. Use black paint or a black marker to draw some scary faces. Place the candle into each jar and store them on shelves where they can be noticed by your guests.

Halloween door mat

Here’s a great tip for changing the look of your old door mat or rug. Look for a spooky stencil online, print it out and use it to paint your mat. You can use any stencil you like, it can either be a bat, spider, ghost, witch, etc. If you have a larger rug you can get a bit more creative and use several different stencils to completely change its turn it into a cheap and effective Halloween decoration.